Project Manager

Posted 7 months ago

Closing date: 28 Feb 2020
Salary: Competive
Contract type: Permanent

Main responsibilities

  • Production of design
  • Management of engineers and subcontractors
  • Management and maintenance of Quality, Health and Safety on site
  • Management of procurement and product selection
  • Creation and maintenance of programme and progress reports
  • Commercial responsibility of projects
  • Risk management and reporting
  • Weekly site visits
  • Communication inhouse and to client



Upon the project manager being notified of a new project to deliver they shall

  1. Familiarise themselves with the project specific detail. Interrogating project software for the latest information. Design, Schedule of Rates, Programme, Client, RFIs, materials etc.
  2. Once the project manage has familiarised themselves with the project, they shall request a handover meeting (if they feel it is required) with the preconstruction team. A meeting invitation shall be sent out requesting attendance from, Procurement manager, General Manager, Operations manager, Pre-construction manager, Estimator, Commercial manager and optional attendees Directors.
  3. The project handover meeting is an opportunity to clarify and request information not made available previously. The Project Managers shall lead the meeting and provide the team with delivery strategy and a 2 week look ahead.
  4. Operational delivery for the project will have been selected by senior management prior to the handover meeting. Cost and scope of works will have been agreed with the subcon (if packaged). The Project Manager shall to populate a scope of works for the project for input into the subcontractor’s contract. A LOI will be issued to the contractor by senior management prior to handover taking place.
  5. On projects with subcontract value over £10,000 the Project manager will carry out a Pre-let79-D-005_Subcon_Prestart” meeting with subcontractor prior to issuing order.
  6. The operations manager shall ensure a Purchase order, Subcontract and agreed pre-let is issued to the contractor in a timely manor to enable them to mobilise.


  1. Following completion of project handover, the project manager will create a list of materials required to complete the project. This is to be issued to the procurement manager to enable them to receive competitive quotations for the project. The procurement manager shall issue notification to the project manager of received quotations.
  2. The project manager shall complete the project procurement schedule. The commercial manager and project manager will populate a budget based on the projects buying requirements.
  3. The project manager shall complete and submit technical submissions of all equipment to be used for the project.
  4. The project manager shall create and issue site specific RAMs to the client.
  5. The project manager shall liaise with the subcontractor and 79 Group engineers to populate a programme of works prior to starting on site. The programme of works will detail labour requirements for the duration of the project, detail site meetings and key milestones.
  6. The project manager shall complete a co-ordinated design from the tender docs.  
  7. Where lighting design is required to be completed, the project manager shall manage the lighting manufacture who will provide the lighting calculations. It is the PMs role to ensure lighting calcs are updated during installation to ensure compliance.
  8. With assistance of the Business Support Administrator the project manager shall create a site file. Which will include all documents required for QHSE. The site file shall also include the procurement schedule detailing materials which are to be called off and programme of works.
  9. The project manager shall attend site to meet with the subcontractor / engineers carrying out the works. The PM will go through the project in detail including, drawings, specification, milestones, programme, materials, quality, health and safety.
  10. At any time during the handover or Delivery process there is information unavailable, the project manager will create (or update) the RFI Tracker. This is a live document which the project manager will manage and ensure is kept up to date.
  11. Subcontractors or engineers will, on a weekly basis (minimum) issue the project manager with a site audit pro. The project Manager will issue a weekly site audit pro to the client updating them of any progress or issues.
  12. Fortnightly the project manager shall complete a progress report to issue to the client. Detailing general progress, 2 week lookahead, programme, key issues, QHSE and commercial.
  13. The project manager will send a meeting invite to the Qualifying supervisor with a minimum of a 2 week notice if a site attendance is required.

Completion and Handover

  1. Notification is to be given to the Qualifying supervisor during project handover for site attendance & certification requirements. This shall be booked in with the qualifying supervisor no later than 2 weeks before project completion.
  2. With support of the Business Support Administrator the Project Manager shall be responsible for producing O&Ms. All technical information shall be readily available through previously issued technical submissions, Drawings shall be updated to as installed, all certification shall be submitted to the Business Support Administrator for collation and issued by the Project Manager.
  3. During the 12 months defect period it is the responsibility of the project manager to manage and rectify any defective works. Any labour requirements shall be requested from the General Manager giving a minimum 1-week notice. Unless site is unsafe or operational.



The project manager shall:

  • Establish site set up
  • Complete and manage all Health and Safety requirements for the project
  • Complete and manage the procurement process.
  • Familiarise themselves with engineer’s / operative’s annual leave and plan resource accordingly.
  • Ensure engineers and operatives have the relevant credentials to operate site
  • Be commercially aware and responsible for the project
  • Identify any risks and provide a plan to minimise throughout delivery
  • Provide clear leadership and motivation to operatives
  • Act on behalf of the company’s best interests at all times
  • Manage all subcontractors, Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health. Having a full understanding of each requirement for projects and the ability to report
  • Provide solutions to any issues that may arise
  • Take ownership of the project in its entirety from handover to handover.







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