Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

At The 79group, we have an in-depth knowledge of the Government’s ECA scheme. We can help you secure significant savings on any new lighting and install project. By adhering to the ECA guidelines, you could also benefit from highly efficient energy use that would drive down costs over the long-term.

The Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme was set up to encourage businesses to be more energy efficient. Provided you meet certain criteria, you can claim tax relief when installing energy efficient solutions.

The scheme enables a company to claim the current rate of corporation tax against the current year’s capital allowance. Please note, this current allowance may change in future. All the lighting, HVAC fittings and other equipment installed must be compliant and meet the ECA criteria to ensure energy reduction.

The 79group have an in-depth understanding of the ECA scheme and can help you ensure you meet the criteria to qualify for tax relief. We have delivered projects and energy savings of up to 30% for clients such as Barclays Bank. We can deliver lighting programmes that are almost self-funding, with payback times being as little as 18 months to 2 years.

2018 saw new criteria for ECA compliance for lighting, HVAC fittings and other equipment which was implemented in the summer. The Efficient White Lighting Units criteria now includes LED and other lighting sources with the output specification likely to be increased by approximately 25%. The light fittings also have to comply with the Lighting at Work regulations which relate to glare and distribution.

Ongoing savings

Our designers and engineers understand how to install and adapt new energy efficient lighting and HVAC technologies in existing installations, helping you to keep labour and installation costs low.

As the fittings we specify meet the ECA requirements, you will see improvements in the performance of your environment (light levels may not be increased, they may be reduced) with a reduction in energy and maintenance costs. Over the long-term, you could benefit from significant savings


79 Lighting deliver high quality luminaries produced to the current EN/BS/Zhaga standards for lighting fittings and components, supported by The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) quality mark.

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