"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven't". Thomas Edison. 

Thomas Edison, the inspiration behind the name The 79group. Not only did he invent the commercial incandescent light bulb in 1879 but his philosophy of applying his intelligence across multiple challenges is what inspires all of us at The 79group today.  If you share a determination to succeed, to always find a way to overcome challenges, to always want to be the best, we need you in our team.  Please send enquiries and CV to or call him on 01452 714391. 

Electrical Engineer

Posted 9 months ago

Electrical engineers required.

Project Manager

Posted 9 months ago

The Project Manager is responsible for several MEP projects often running concurrently. 

The overall responsibility of the Project Manager is to ensure successful execution and completion of several projects, meeting defined timescales, quality standards and commercial objectives.

Mechanical Project Manager

Posted 9 months ago

79 Group are looking for a strong, passionate individual to lead its fast-growing Mechanical Division. This new exciting key role in the business has become available due to an increase in Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health sales and requirement to manage and deliver a number of blue-chip HVAC projects.

The position is open to the right candidate to work from its Head office in Cheltenham or its Northern Hub near Huddersfield.

The candidate should ideally have experience in the management and delivery of HVAC projects within the retail / Commercial sector, working closely with the delivery team.


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